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Unfolding: Lives 


Unfolding: Lives is a service that connects FREE resources to schools. To help students and families get the basic needs they need to help them make the grade.  With our vast network of supporters, Unfolding: Lives is able to deliver items to the local schools that are in need.


By doing this, we are achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work with community leaders and organizers on many exciting projects to help improve lives within the schools we serve and help them unfold. 

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Our Vision


To envision an America where every student gets there basic need meet. so families won't have to choose between food and rent.  Every student can have the opportunities they need to reach their full potential and focus on school. As a country, we have the resources to end child poverty and now must create the will to do so. 

#SpreadLove and help us unfold the lives of other so we can end the cycle. 


To  Make The Grade

We will work to end child poverty and ensure all families have resources to nurture their children by promoting local resources and programs we know work.


Ending child poverty will take a multi-pronged approach. To end child poverty now, we must:


  • Ensure Children’s Basic Needs are Met: We must increase investments in housing assistance for poor families, so they all can afford a safe and stable home to raise their children. We must also increase the value of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to cover a larger portion of the nutrition needs of children, so they are healthy and ready to learn. And we must make the Child Tax Credit fully refundable to ensure more low-income families benefit.


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Making The Grade

Teacher and Class

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"We all have a story....

that's waiting to unfold"

Unfolding: Lives


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