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Unfolding: Lives in conjunction with Mission Central will be hosting a “SUMMER FUN DAY” for the students of McKinley K-8 School, in the City of York.


YOU can help make a difference!!


There are nearly 800 students who will attend. The students of this neighborhood normally would not have the chance to participate in local fairs or carnivals.


Help make this a great FUN day for these students!!




  • Inexpensive Colored beaded necklaces (similar to what you find at party supply stores or online)

  • Various Snacks containing no peanut products

  • Freeze Pops (the kind in plastic tubes) OR Sponsor Shaved Ice Vender ($800)

  • Various juice/fruit punch type drinks, bottled water, or re-useable water bottles

  • Bounce house & Generator to power them (4 small bounce houses , @ $200.00 est. per bounce house also need 12 volunteers)

  • Sponsor Popcorn Machine rental and popcorn/supplies ($200)

  • Various Supplies: Chalk, Face Paint, Balloons(yellow, orange, & blue), Bags for kids to carry items, trash bags

  • Home Depot or Lowe’s Gift cards to purchase some supplies need to setup games


Please bring items to Mission Central or Contact us to make arrangements to pick up the donations by:

Wednesday, May 9, 2018



Mission Central:


PH: (717) 766-1533     Email:

Unfolding: Lives 

Please use the From below to reach to reach us. 

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