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Giving Options

On behalf of the vulnerable youth we help in the inner city schools and the surrounding area.


Unfolding:Lives stands in perpetual need of your financial support.


Your stewardship makes a difference in the quality of life our youth in the inner city.


You may select a giving option.


All undesignated gifts go to General Support.


Your gift fuels a full range of care food, clothing, school supplies to local schools.


Contributions provide everyday needs the kids need to focus on school, and a wide range of goods and services that respond to the specific realities of our kids.

Helping the community unfold, is only one part of our ongoing investment needs, which include up-to-date technologies, equipment, transportation to get the items there, and much more.

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With many government programs for the schools, sometimes it just not enough.   Charitable gifts provide funds for Unfolding: Lives to be a beacon of hope for the school and the community it serves  for FREE. 

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